Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dear mom,
I am getting on a train right now.  I just got transfered to Avignon.  I will try to write you later today.   If not, I can tomorrow ... I love you so much.  à bientôt (See ya later)

This is my letter last week.  As you can imagine....I was hungry for more.  Luckily....this came a few hours later.  

Dear mother, 
Here I am sitting in a stinky little internet café next to some guy on his myspace page. ha ha.  This city is beautiful.  It looks like how you would think that "real" french cities would look like.   There is a castle wall around the whole city.  There is a palace called "de le pope" here.  It is where the french pope lived.  There is also a little bridge here.  It's awesome.   My new collegue is Elder Arrington.  We were in the mtc together .... President made me the senior collegue.  Elder Arrington is really funny and really great.   We are going to light this place up .... after i clean the batiment . (not sure i get this joke.  ;) hahahah Well, not a ton to report yet.  Im really tired from traveling and I have a lot of unpacking to do.  I made all the members in the ward cry in Grenoble, so im feeling good about myself .... :)  It was snowing in grenoble and now I'm feeling the need for short sleeves here.  It's so crazy.  Well this week will be a little short because I need to go shopping and unpack all before 6.  I love you so so much mom and i hope you are having a rocking week.

He seems to be doing well.  We are excited for his transfer.  New scenery, a new companion and new people to meet. 

With Elder Hughes and a friend before the transfer. 
I'm sorry...those pointy shoes are just too much.  ;)

At least my boy's not going hungry.  

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