Sunday, September 2, 2012

We got some pretty great letters from the boy this week. One for me, one for dad and one for Jordan.  We, of course all share our letters with each other so when ya put them all together it made for a great one.  Here are some of the things he shared with me in my letter......

"We have been teaching so many lessons here. I love it.  All of the people seem to really accept our message. It's great!.  We found 2 new amies (friends - hope you remembered that from last letter....there will be a quiz later)  that are so cool.  They are totally normal and  they don't smoke. :)  I love when we find people that don't smoke.  I really love the scripture D&C 128: 22.  It's about having courage and continually looking forward to victory and never looking back.  Read it!.
 I need to go look for a new suit today because the gray one i bought doesn't fit.  I got too skinny.  It was perfect in the MTC but now it looks like i'm wearing my daddy's suit.  It's that bad.  
It's so nice to hear that I have the support of the members of the ward.  I'm so glad that you guys raised me the way you raised me and I'm happy for all the times I listened to you and didn't listen to you, believe it or not.  All the mistakes I have made in my past have made me a better missionary.....don't tell Trevor that.  Haha Pass my love on to everyone in the ward and tell them "you're welcome" because I pray for them every night. I love you so much and can't wait to hear all the cool stories next week.  I will keep on teaching and you keep on perseverer jusqu'a la fin. (Endure to the end)

Here's a fun story from his letter to his sister Jordan......

I have a cool story for you.  We were walking down the street and these teenage punks were yelling at us from a skate park.  So what do I do?  I went and said hi and told them we're the missionaries for the church.  I told them we weren't Jehovah witnesses.  They said they were sorry.........everyone here thinks we are "jehovah witnesses"  Anyways....they were skating and stunk really bad so I asked them what that thing was that they were doing and they laughed really hard and said " a skateboard".  I told them it looked really cool and wished I could try.  They laughed really hard and I said if I could do it that they would have to listen to a lesson from us and if not then I would have to give them all a euro each.  They laughed and gave me shoes and a skateboard.  Elder Han just laughed.....he knows what's up.  I showed them up.  I was riding the bowl like they had never seen.  They thought I was a professional.  It was hillarious.  They wouldn't listen to a lesson because they said I had cheated but now they will show the missionaries some respect.  Pretty cool huh?  I love it here and I miss you.  Just keep looking forward and everything will work out.  Read D&C 128:22 and look forward to victory. Haha.  I love you and I will have more funny stories for you next week.  

...And here are some snippets from his letter to his dad...

I'm jealous that I missed the wedding (His cousin Emily was sealed in the Logan temple a couple weeks ago) It sounds like you had a lot of fun...but then again...I am in France getting fed all the time.  We call them mangez-vous (you eat) instead of rendez-vous (appointment).  Hahaha   The members here are so nice.  They always want to feed us.  It's so funny, they'll always say "I'll make american food for you"..........I've had cheeseburgers for 19 years..give me something french like duck liver or something....sheesh!   :)
We had such a cool experience this week.  After we had finished fishing, we went to have lunch in the forest.  We saw this lady sitting there so we decided to talk to her.  She was really interested in my plaque (this word translates to be "plate" but Tim informs me that it's probably his name tag)....she was done we told her what we did and gave her a cool little forest lesson and set up another rendez-vous for the next day.  Guess what?  She was really there and she liked our second lesson too.  What an awesome miracle!
there are these little kids that every time they see us they come to get a sticker.  I'm cool like that and I bought stickers for random children haha.  Maybe they will always remember that those guys in the white shirts gave me free stuff as a kid so maybe they will let future missionaries in one day.  So cool.  
I love you pops.  I'm sending some snail mail today so look for that.  I love you and you're awesome. 

Here's a couple pictures he sent.  

We were happy to hear from our missionary.  We are so proud.  

P.S.  Is anyone reading this blog?  :)  


  1. Completely awesome! His letters inspired me too! What a great attitude...

  2. I am! Thanks for sharing. This is so awesome.

    1. And I'm still laughing at that first picture. Bahahahahah

    2. Loved reading these fabulous letters. Isn't it amazing how he sounds so grown up and mature but at the same time just like Ryan? He sounds like he is going to have the best mission ever! I will come to this blog all the time now so I will be up to date on your missionary! Also I love to get tidbits for my lessons! hahahaha Love ya!

  3. What a great missionary! Just started following your awesome blog (Thanks Tim).