Tuesday, June 26, 2012

 Well Ryan made it to the MTC and he loves it!  
He's been there for 3 weeks now so I thought I'd start up a blog so that anyone interested could keep up with all that he's learning and doing.  
His P-day (preparation day), which is a day for him to do laundry, write letters and other things like that, is on Tuesday.  That means we get an email from him on Tuesday and then an old fashioned snail mail letter on Thursday.  Needless to say....these are good days for me.  :)
I won't post all his letters in their entirety.  Mostly because those are just for me.  Ok...the whole family.  ;) ...but I will post excerpts so you can all get a feel for what he's learning and how he's growing.  I can see it already.  
This was a part of his first email to me. It had only been 6 days since we had dropped him off but I can't tell you how excited I was to hear from him.  

Hello there mom.
I only have 30 mins then they sign me out on the computer.  haha So any who,  my p- day is Tuesday. I just wanted you to know that i am having a blast. Its super fun here.  My missionary companion, I mean "mon collegue missionaire"  is way awesome. We get along great. My bed is comfy, the food is pretty ok, and french is starting to come to me :) It was hard at first because apparently I have a mexican accent.  :) I just wanted you to know that i miss ya tons and i love you to death. The other day an Elder came in our room to take inventory for the black market ... since tie trading is frowned upon, it's called the black market. When he saw my tie, he told me i had a "bon cravatte", which means good tie in french. It was super funny.  Everyone says like one or 2 sentences in their mission language. Makes me laugh. haha  So on that note, send me some ties please.   Well i love you so much and im greatful for everything you have done and will do for me.  It's because of you that i am the person i am today and that i am even in the MTC. I love you mommy, you're amazing. 

He then went on to write a note to everyone in the family. Yay us! 
Here is some gems from letters from week 2 and 3.

I started going to choir practice because the Prophet and some apostles are coming next tuesday. So dope.  I want good seats, so if i sing i'll be able to get seats in the main room :) hahaha sneaky i know.

Pere, (dad)
i heard this quote from president Eryng. It says "everyone you know in this life will one day know what you know and they will know you knew it".  So there is a little gold for you to use in your life. Pass that message on to Mere (mom) for me.   

He then told us to invite one of his friends to church or family home evening because he said he had been too afraid when he was home and now he regrets it.  

I have taught 6 lessons ...in all french, it's really scary and hard...but i still do it.  I've  gone to some dang awesome firesides and devotionals. I have a qoute book set aside just to contain all the gold :)

Um....who is this kid?  ;) I joke.  

So i just found out that they give us the choice of calling home the day we are at the airport.  They even sell pay phone cards here. Would you like me to call home for a quick minute before i fly away to New York and then London and then switzerland and train ride to france?


They are flying all the France missionaries to San Fran for a day either next week or the week after because that's how we get our Visas, at the French embassy....so woo hoo...In N Out.  :) 

So that pretty much get's you all up to date.  When Dylan and I got the mail on Thursday night (we had been gone all day or else you know i would've gotten it sooner ) we were so excited to get some pictures.  I know I had just seen him 3 weeks ago and he's been gone a lot longer then that when he's away at school...but just seeing him in his white shirt and tie and tag and happy just made my week.  
Here are a few for you to enjoy.  

                                                    I love this kid!   

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  1. So awesome! I hope he got our sweet treat package!